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Respect: vrouwen laten hun lichaam na de bevalling zien!

Voor de meeste vrouwen is er geen denken aan. Hun lichaam laten zien na de bevalling, Deze vrouwen doen het wel! Bekijk hier de foto's:

Afbeelding blog 'Respect: vrouwen laten hun lichaam na de bevalling zien!'

#transformationtuesday is a progress check in. 10 weeks postpartum vs 18 weeks postpartum. I'm down about 7 lbs on the scale, but more than anything I've had several non-scale victories where my pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to fit again and I just feel more comfortable in my own skin. Progress is slow and steady, but that's what I want to see. It's much easier to maintain. I tell friends on fitness journeys to ALWAYS take pictures. When you stare at your own reflection every day, the small changes are often invisible to us...but I can't tell you how many time I pull up photos to remind myself how far I've come when I'm working on fitness. I still have a lot of work to do with my diet, toning that post baby belly, and my running to prepare for this half marathon BUT that's just part of the journey. #choosejoy ❤️??

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A little truth bomb this morning...not everyone bounces immediately back into shape after having a baby... it's really an unrealistic expectation. The women who do are either genetically blessed or had an uncomplicated pregnancy and were able to work out throughout and keep their fitness... or a combination of both. I am neither. I've never bounced right back and this pregnancy I was very limited on the physical activity I could do and therefore lost a lot of my previous fitness. But you know what? I made a human!! My body did some seriously hard work and for that I'm eternally proud. I don't need to fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans right away to feel accomplished. My accomplishments are in the form of a healthy baby that I not only delivered, but am now his only source of nutrition. I'm one week post partum and am loving my comfortable clothes. I'll get back to my jeans eventually. I'll be back to Crossfit and crazy workouts... but for now I'll be in a glider rocking a little one to sleep and knowing they I'm going a great job ❤???

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What can you achieve in 3 weeks??? A lot ?? I've spent the last 3 weeks following a nutrition guide that teaches you how to eat healthy balanced meals. I focused on this 80% of the time, and still allowed myself the things I enjoy the other 20%. Love me some ? and ? I drank my health shake every day. No real exercise yet, but that all changes this week yay! I'm so excited for my progress! This is why we encourage the ladies in our group to take progress photos bc if I'm honest I haven't felt like my body has changed much. I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far! This is JUST the nutrition side of things. Imagine what you can accomplish when you mix exercise in too! My next accountability group starts October 3rd. There is still room for a few more ladies to join us! If your ready to make some changes and crush some goals shoot me a message or visit the link in my bio for more information! We can do it together ✌?️

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I can't believe the changes my body is experiencing daily! The photo on the left is me at 42 weeks pregnant and the right is me today 2 weeks postpartum. It has been a crazy two weeks. I am breast feeding and I thought for sure my nipples were going to fall off but now True and I are in sync with feeding!?? (p.s. Get this nursing bra from @bravadodesigns @barenecessities it will change your world! I sleep in mine it is so comfortable.) My insides are still adjusting back to normal. I had constipation and stomach pains that were affecting my overall mood. I had two crying breakdowns from hormones, lack of sleep, and just feeling overwhelmed. But I am quickly reminded it is all worth it every time I look at my sweet girl. When it comes to my body, again I have not worked out yet because I need more time to heal. I have not changed my diet at all. I am just lucky to get a meal in here and there when I can so if that is pizza I am eating it lol. Just continuing to work through some of the discomforts and trying to be as positive as I can by telling myself and my body that I am doing a great job! ✨? #postpartum #postpartumbody #2weekspostpartum #truebaby #katiehwillcox #bodylove #stopbodyshame #selflove #truth #itshardbutworthit #newmom

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16 days postpartum. In the process of healing a little case of mastitis. Whenever my body is going through something, I like to look at the metaphysical aspects of it at play. According to Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" mastitis is "A refusal to nourish the self. Putting everyone else first. Overmothering. Overprotection. Overbearing attitudes.” Interesting huh?! What a lesson to learn in these early stages of motherhood. It's so important to put ourselves first. That doesn't mean breakdowns don't happen. It's natural and part of the process. But how we relate to the breakdowns, and how we're able to bounce back from them and minimize their impact...that's the key. Here's to you practicing your own healing in your life!

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Ok guys. So the before photos were taken when I first got home from hospital a few days after the birth and the after photos were taken just over a week ago at 3 weeks postpartum - I'm not allowed to workout yet but I've been eating clean and I trained throughout my entire pregnancy except for the last couple of weeks as I had some complications. I've lost A LOT of muscle but I'm pretty happy with my postpartum body so far ! So many women think you can't get your body back after pregnancy but this just isn't true. I can't wait to start training again in a few weeks and get my body into the best shape it's ever been in ??? - Also I have my new meal plan that is now available on my website for you guys (www.tammyhembrow.org) so definitely check that out if you want to see the type of diet I usually follow and the kinds of things I eat ?????

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