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Angela masturbeerde tijdens de bevalling - tegen de pijn

Angela vertelt waarom ze dit deed en waarom ze het anderen aanbeveelt. De reacties zijn vaak geschokt. Onzin, vindt Angela, geboorte en seks werken namelijk vrijwel op dezelfde manier als je kijkt naar aspecten als sensatie en hersenactiviteit. Je kreunt, zweet en bent bezig met je meest intieme lichaamsdeel...

Afbeelding blog 'Angela masturbeerde tijdens de bevalling - tegen de pijn'

De pijn werd dragelijker tijdens het masturberen

Angela beleefde een intense pijn tijdens het bevallen, voor veel vrouwen herkenbaar. Na vele houdingen en posities aangenomen te hebben bleef de intense pijn. Toen besloot ze te gaan masturberen en direct werd de pijn dragelijker. Dit wil zij met haar blog kenbaar maken en de taboe wegnemen. Want er wordt niet altijd even begripvol gereageerd.

Dit is Angela


Hey pals! I don't know about you but I feel so chuffed about how far Doulas have come in the last few years. I have been a part of some pretty freaking awesome conversations and it lights me up to know that, indeed, we are successfully elevating our industry's professional standard and making a difference in the lives of those we work with. Today marks the first day of International Doula Week and I am going to be actively celebrating all of he goodness we live and all of the goodness we do, every damn day this week. I LOVE Doulas. I am Doula. I breathe Doula. I live Doula. I advocate for Doulas. I believe in Doulas. How are you celebrating this week? What are you doing to honor the work of your Doula compadres? I am kicking it off in style with a media feature and a podcast release that makes me feel STOKED! First, Yahoo shared this great article featuring me & my passion about gentle cesarean births. Then, Mamamia's newest podcast 'Hello Bump' released their first couple of episodes - one of them featuring a fantastic segment I participated in; chatting exclusively about Doulas. Everything we do, the difference between Midwives and Doulas, the benefits of hiring a Doula, the relationships we create, the impact we make, our industry and so, so much more. You can check out the episode for free on ITunes by clicking the link in profile. Also, another awesome article about the many reasons a Doula is everything you didn't know you needed. Also, by special request I have now made my business course for passionate birth professionals available on an extended payment plan. Yup, that's right - you can hop into the course and start building the birth biz of your dreams for 50$ AUD a month (that's like 35$ USD a month!). A little detective work will show you how much value is jam packed into the program and I am so freaking proud of it. You can scope out info or join by clicking through to Heart & Hustle. You've also got ONE more day to buy tickets to the Melbourne in person workshop I am running. Get in quick! Shalome from Rockstar Birth Magazine will be a guest speaker and I am PUMPED. . . . #doula #doulalife #pursueyourpassion #pursueyourpurpose #angelagallo

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My sweet everything. I love you to the moon and back ✨

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Toys. Nappies. Baby wipes. Blankets. Electrical cords. Wet towels. Bird seed. Fallen wall art. A multi tasking mama moment as it is and as it always will be - taking time to be the rockstar goddess I am. Regardless of how tidy my house is. Or how unconventional I look. Or what variables I waltz around every day. Or what challenges I navigate. I vow to never ever ever stop giving myself the credit I deserve, ever. ✨ I am a free spirit. Creative. Stripped bare. My words naked and my heart out on my sleeve. I want to inspire you to feel FREE, too. I am more than just mama bear and some days I need to consciously remember that. I am a lioness in my own jungle. Saluting the lioness in you, too. ? . . . #mommy #angelagallo #motherhood #childbirth #loveyourself #doula #photography #photographer #photooftheday #realife #documentary #perfectlyunperfect

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