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Working mom's cry out

Dit is een 'poezie' over hoe ik me voel als werkende mama. Ik denk dat niemand het kan begrijpen behalve als je het ook zelf mee maakt.

Afbeelding blog 'Working mom's cry out'

These are the words of my heart

On the situation now where I'm at

The pain, the hurt become more unbearable

The feeling that I have inside is undeniable

My tears in the silent are just unstoppable

I just want this hell to stop

'Cause as how in dutch it is, "ik ben op!"

I'm broken and need to be in a repair shop

I'm not lazy, just don't love my work anymore

I just want to be with my baby a bit more

I know it's impossible what I'm wishing for

I can only put my fake smile on

Knowing when I'm home awaits a crown

My baby, the one that keeps me going on

I know you'll never understand but just hear me out

I'm still hoping one day there will be a way out

'Cause I'm reaching the limit of my burnout... 

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Tags: #Mama

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