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Thom's Seed

About how Deirdre settles into Planet Mum. In Holland. With her baby, her boyfriend Thom, and all his seed.

Afbeelding blog 'Thom's Seed'

"Shall I also write about my baby?" Deirdre asked.
"Do if you must," he mumbled, not looking up from another annual report clogged with numbers and graphs. "but personally I've never understood why people are so desperate to have those little buggers. They're so...restrictive."

Deirdre looked down at her hands. She tried to keep them from trembling. She hated it when people disagreed with her, but didn't feel she could say so.

A loud wail erupted from the nursery. "I'll go and check on Lilly," Deirdre whispered, to no one in particular. Not the least her boyfriend, who had fathered this tiny human being with her, and then seemed to have forgotten about it.

How different her life had been, two years ago, when she'd met Thom. He was the life of the party- and there were so many of them in London. The sun in her rainy days, of which there were hundreds too. She, an Urban Design Director (alright, PA to the director, thought it really meant doing all the director's work while he emptied entire crates of champagne at posh bars), always looking for ways (and funds) to improve the most exciting city on Earth. He, a Palm Court Manager at The Langham, which happens to be one of the most dazzling hotels in the capital.

When the two of them met, Deirdre was elegant, sassy, and confident when she was in full work-mode. It was at the Palm Court, where her boss was once again choosing drinks over work, where Thom first clapped eyes on her. He'd been so balled over, he dropped a tray of expensive bubbles right on the mayor's manicured poodle. Deirdre, charmed by Thom's cuteness, trimmed beard, man glasses and manly muscles, later accepted his invitation to a picnic in Hyde Park. It was lust at first sight, and, after a few months of consecutive 'sightings', true love knocked on their door.

But then Deirdre got pregnant. Shit. How was she going to combine work with a baby? Panic fluttered through her for days before she had the guts to tell Thom her belly wasn't going to be his 'favourite ironing board' for a while. And this is how that conversation went, minutes before bed:

Deirdre: "Thom, my love, we need to talk. Ehm, there is something-"
Thom: [laughs manically]"Me too, darling. I've got the most amazing news for you. Nothing can top this!"
Deirdre: [neighing nervously] "Well, I'm not so sure your news is-"
Thom: [cutting her off] "I've finally been offered a managing director's job. After all my hard studying. You won't believe where! Have a guess?"
Deirdre: [plucking decorative pillows off the bed and carefully positioning them on their indigo velvet chaise longue] "Buckingham Palace?"
Thom: [grabbing a beige pillow and chucking it on the floor] "The Waldorf Astoria! The Waldorf. Me!"
Deirdre: [genuinely pleased, also making quick calculations... can they afford living in Chelsea on his new salary?] "Fabulous. Wow. Congrats, Thom. That's really-"
Thom: "Where are you galloping off to?"
Deirdre: [gurgling noises coming from en-suite bathroom] "Gulp, huuuh...."
Thom: [Now leaning against doorpost, observing girlfriend with head in toilet]: "And guess what?"
Deirdre: [submerging from toilet bowl after near-death experience] "Hmm?"
Thom: [excitedly] "It's in Amsterdam. Am-Ster-Dam !"
Deirdre: "That is [heaving] wonderful [vomit] news, my love, and also [hugging toilet] I'm pregnant."

If she hadn't been so sick all the time, she would have noticed how Thom's interest rapidly shifted from her and her belly to the prospect of his new position. If she hadn't felt so drained from all the nightmares and broken nights (the toilet became her new best friend), she could have had the insight to think: "I can do this by myself. I am going to stay right here, in London, where I belong. I'm sure my family can help me out. Surely I can camp in my brother's garage until my baby turns one".

But no. All he said on their growing fetus was, "Great. That will give you something to do once we've moved. Your job was too crammed anyway. You were never home before seven. Besides, Amsterdam is a place as good as any. Riding bicycles is a great hobby to have. When will you hand in your notice? The Astoria is setting up our new place as we speak."

Somehow, Deirdre had gone from fully functioning human being to completely crippled weakling. In a foreign place. With a man she no longer recognised; someone she feared a little, even. And accompanied by the greatest miracle on the planet: a baby. How the hell was she going to cope?

(Stay tuned for more entries on Deirdre's new life- and Thom's Seed.)

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