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Damn my youngest just turned 2!

And now nearly a year further ?

Afbeelding blog 'Damn my youngest just turned 2! '

It’s unbelievable how quick time goes! My fourth daughter has just turned 2 years old! She wasn’t a baby for long! She has reached so many milestones in these two years! Rolling over at a few months old to sitting at 4 months old…crawling and pulling herself up at 5 months and walking at 6 months alone!!!!
Dancing, running and climbing before 1! Seriously….what happened to being a baby! She now also talks our ears off 
such a chatterbox…stringing 4/6 words together in a sentence! Love her Conversations.
So family and friends were invited for her birthday, just a little get together at our home. Keeping it short and sweet as I know how tired kids can get from all the excitement and so much going on!

Oh and what a mission finding her a birthday present though after celebrating Sinterklaas and Christmas….but we found 4 wonderful gifts for her….one of which was her fave…the Unicorn!
Peppy Pets Unicorn (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Snuggle-Pets-PEP02010-Peppy-Unicorn/dp/B071D854PN)

My beauty had a lovely day…and now to get through the terrible two’s 

Afbeelding blog 'Damn my youngest just turned 2! '

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