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I'm tired. So tired.

Als alleenstaand mama voel ik me vaak alleen. Zeker wanneer de kids, zoals deze week, bij papa zijn. Vele emoties, die ik zojuist opschreef.

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I'm tired.

Tired of sitting alone in the dark, watching tv all by myself.

Tired of going to bed at night, with no-one there to warm up to.

Tired of always being the flirt, but never the one to bring home.

Tired of not having a job I love, and jet still working so hard.

Tired of wondering each month, if there is any money left to save.

Tired of people who call me family, and behind my back say that I'm not.

Tired of standing between a fight, a fight that was never mine.

Tired of being the shoulder to cry on, when I never have one for my own.

Tired of not always having my kids around, even though I know they're okay.

Tired of not feeling worthy of them, when I know I'm trying so hard.

Tired of not being able to give them everything they desire, when I want to give them the world.

Tired of feeling that I'm failing my kids, when I'm doing the best that I can.

Tired of wondering where it all went wrong, and when it will all turn around.

Tired of crying myself to sleep, I just want to sleep happy for once.

Tired of feeling lonely, because I want to feel strong, and be able to do this alone.

Tired of picking up the pieces of myself, trying to glue myself back together.

Tired of being mentally exhausted, overthinking again and again.

Tired of not being able to voice these thoughts, because people say I have it so great. That I have kids and friends and family who love me, a roof over my head, a job that pays the bills, and I can't be the one to complain.

I'm tired. So tired.

Tags: #Mom life

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